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Bread + Potatoes & Chestnuts Cooking Pots

Bread + Potatoes & Chestnuts Cooking Pots

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If you want to cook in a healthy way, preserve the natural flavors of the dishes while keeping their nutritional values ​​unaltered, absolutely you have to try the Potato / Chestnuts and the Bread Cooking Pots made by high quality natural untreated clay (Kergrès®).

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Bread Cooking Pot

The Bread Cooking Pot inside reproduces the characteristics of traditional ovens: the right degree of humidity that is created in the container makes cooking homogeneous in all its parts and the result is a bread with an inimitable crunchiness and fragrance.
The base of the Bread Cooking Pot is also a practical pan for cooking many recipes in the oven!

Dimensions: Ø cm 28,5 x 33 x 16,5

Potatoes and Chestnuts Cooking Pot

It's perfect for cooking potatoes, chestnuts, corn on the cob, toasted bread on the flame or cooking in the oven for dry cooking only (with total absence of water).
It is not necessary to use flame spreaders to get potatoes as tasty as those cooked under the embers.
Furthermore, always with a medium / low heat it is possible to cook chestnuts and corn on the cob and make toasted bread.

Dimensions: Ø cm 22 x 27,5 x 17h
Capacity: cl 330

The Packs

Inside each box you will find the booklet with suggestions for use and many original and tasty recipes..

The Kergrès Clay

Kergrès® with which the pots are made, is a unique material of its kind, composed of precious clays fired at high temperature (about 1250º C) with a very high hardness and mechanical resistance and doesn't contain cadmium, lead or nickel.

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